Video Copilot Element 3D v2.2 Full Licence


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Element 3D – Advanced 3D Object & Particle Render Engine

High Performance After Effects™ Plug-in for creating Motion Design & Visual FX

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Element 3D – Advanced 3D Object & Particle Render Engine

High Performance After Effects™ Plug-in for creating Motion Design & Visual FX for Windows & Mac. Requires Adobe CC 2015

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Top Features

  • Group Symmetry Creation Mode
  • Dynamic Group Folder Reflections
  • Matte Reflection Mode
  • Updated UI with speed improvements
  • Matte Shadow with Alpha Channel
  • Improved material visibility options
  • Save Group Folder as E3D file
  • Export OBJ Utility
  • Improved C4D support file support with animation
  • Randomized Raytrace samples for multi-pass motion blur

Real 3D Objects

  • Import 3D Objects & Textures
  • OBJ & C4D Formats
  • Animation OBJ Sequences
  • Textures: PNG, JPG, HDR, EXR

New: Automatic Texture Importing

  • OBJ with MTL
  • C4D Files

3D Shadows – Soft Shadows and Ambient Occlusion

OPENGL Shadows: (Faster)

  • Supports Spot Lights & Parralel Lights
  • Soft Shadows for Spot Lights
  • Up to 8K Map Resolution & Sample Quality
  • Shadow range based on map size


  • New SSAO includes quality presets
  • Tighter contact & SSAO Color Tint

Ray Trace Shadows & AO (slower))

  • Supports All Light types
  • Accurate Soft Shadows
  • Renders slower & Requires more memory
  • Ray Trace features require OpenCL GPU

Ray Traced AO: (Slower)

  • Accurate contact edges
  • Slower that SSAO

Cast Shadows in your Scene!

  • Cast shadows using special Matte Shadow Material
  • Supports Shadows and Ambient Occlusion Shading
  • Options for shadow color tint and opacity

3D Noise & Deform Distort your 3D Objects

  • Multiple Distortion Noise Modes
  • Advanced fractal settings
  • Combine with transfer modes!
  • Low Poly Distortion
  • Particle Noise with Sub-Surface Scattering
  • 3D Bend & Twist

Physical Shaders – Designed to simulate Real Surface Properties

  • Real-Time Blurry Reflection Maps
  • Glossiness & Roughness control
  • New Normal Map and Bump Support
  • Simulate Image Based Lightning

DYNAMIC REFLECTION MAPS Simulate Object Reflection

  • Dynamic Spherical Map Ideal for complex objects to simulate near by reflections
  • Mirror Surface which works on any flat surfaces and supports blurry reflections

Redesigned Interface

  • New Group Folders
  • Combine 3D Models in groups
  • Transform objects inside
  • High Quality preview with reflection
  • New Texture Levels control
  • Create Primitives objects
  • Edit segments and size
  • Use as Particle Replicator shape

Bevel & Extrude Create Incredible 3D Text

  • Extrude Text & Mask Shapes
  • Built-in Bevel Presets
  • Animate Individual characters
  • Multiple Bevels per Object

Transfer Modes & Wireframe Materials

  • Control wireframe settings per material
  • Great for UI design or HUD graphics
  • Set materials to ADD or SCREEN
  • Composite Smoke and fire with ease
  • Objects blend in 3D Space


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