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TopoGun 2

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Model first, topology now!

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Now available for Windows, Linux and OS X

Free update for the existing users with Topo Gun 2


Retopology Tools


- State of the art retopologizing tools, for production ready meshes

- Optimize your digital concept sculpts topology, for further detailing

- Retopologize scanned models to create animation ready meshes

- Very high-resolution meshes supported


Maps Baking


- One pass multithreaded maps baking, up to 256 CPU cores supported

- Hardware ambient occlusion maps

- Normal maps

- Color maps, from textures or vertex(polypaint) colors

- Displacement and cavity maps


Subdivison Surfaces


- Modify your digital sculpts and 3D scans topology

- Project and recover all the existing fine details

- Recover all the intermediate subdivision levels

- Export the subdivided mesh, for further detailing




- Modify your sculpts and have the already created topology updated

- Create the topology once and export lowpoly blendshapes for each version of your sculpt


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