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Genarts Sapphire 10

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Sapphire is the essential visual effects suite for broadcast, advertising and film.

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With a robust collection of effects, transitions and preset looks, Sapphire encourages creativity, helping to bring stories to life.

Over 240 stunning visual effects plugins with thousands of time-saving presets, built on the industry’s most trusted VFX engine.

Sapphire streamlines your workflow, increases the productivity of your team, and frees up your time to be more innovative.  To see for yourself, download a Free Trial of our plugin for your video editing or compositing software; Adobe After Effects, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas and more.

  • Platform-agnostic to meet your evolving workflow needs
  • Used by the largest network of leading video creators
  • Accessibility to a larger talent pool
  • Greater ability to outsource or freelance
  • Easier to work across multiple companies
  • Taught at leading film schools
  • Trusted by the video editing and compositing experts for the past 15+ years due to the premium quality, elegance, and constant innovation

Sapphire is used by the world’s best content creators to create the looks that engage viewers, grow audiences, and increase the value of content.

When you and your clients demand the highest production values possible in the most efficient manner, GenArts Sapphire is the must-have, most-requested, and unsurpassed choice for visual effects software.


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